Sutha Maharishi narrates the cosmic Performs Lord Sri Venkateshwara to Sownaka and other sages:-

In our historical area the forests known as Naimisharanyam is a vivid spirutual centre. Severel sages and seers resided there performing extreme spritual meditations. To them Maharishi Sutha had been narrating the 18 historical chronicles known as Puranas.

The sages were very curious one day to know the sacred lore of Sri Venkateshwara. Almost everyone-including sage Sownake,the discovered one-expressed their burning curiosity to known the methods behind the descent of the Lord Sri Narayana from Sri Vaikundam to the Seshagiri Hills, which is currently Thirupathi Hills. Sutha Maharishi was significantly satisfied to meet up with their needs to relate at length the whole Avatara of sri Venkateshwara.

"Oh sages The Lord of Seven Hills Sri Venkatanarayana has originated to our terresterial plane mainly to unlift everyone of us who are existing in the dark cycle of Kali Yuga. The Lord is the only Being who is easily accessable to all without even much of a religious and Yogic discipline. He can alone defend to omini-competently every one type all the

difficulties of life at all-time. What You all aspired to know is the most sacred lore of all the Puranas. Whosoever even hear this will gradually at the end of his earthly life span attain Moksha, the greatest liberation from all world bindings. And shall not reincarnate any more! You are all greatly devoted to the Lord and hence i expect everyone of you to listen to me with rapt interest.

For a moment Suhtha Maharshhi psychologically spoken an invocation to his master superseer Vyasa and started his narration.

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